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Your Brand Image, Your Artwork, and Your Packaging

Choosing the Right Printing Processes and Understanding Lead Time – AnnJoy provides expertise in translating your brand image into a functional and beautiful package.  One of the first steps in determining how best to engineer your branded packaging is to evaluate your artwork and determine which of 3 basic printing processes – flexography, offset or […]

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New Jersey Bans Non-Reusable Shopping Bags

  NEW NJ LAW:  RETAILERS NEED TO PREPARE FOR COMPLIANT PACKAGING On November 4, 2020, the state of New Jersey passed a new law banning single-use plastic and paper bags in all stores and food service businesses. By March 2022, retailers will need to be compliant with the new law, which bans both plastic and […]

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Is Your Packaging Working Hard Enough

 Why do consumers choose one product over another? Sometimes the proof is in the packaging. A study conducted by IPSOS shows that 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision. Here are three reasons why you should consider packaging in your marketing mix.    It’s Branding   Packaging is often the first […]

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Your Brand’s Environmental & Economic Impact

Brands today are challenged to procure e-commerce packaging that reduces their carbon footprint in a brand-centric manner while also providing secure transit. AnnJoy Imports can build carbon reducing e-commerce packaging that reinforces brand image while providing the required security. We work closely with companies to weigh their impact on the environment while balancing three major […]

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Plan Your Holiday Orders Now 

The country is beginning to open back up and people are starting to feel more confident about resuming their daily lives. No matter the circumstances, this is the time of year when retailers start to think about their holiday plans and how to prepare for what promises to be an unprecedented holiday season. In order […]

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