The past year has seen a mass movement, driven by regulatory and consumer sentiment, away from plastic and towards paper bags. The resulting boom in demand for paper bags has led to a shakeup in the market, with some domestic suppliers informing clients they have supply disruptions for the foreseeable future and other manufacturer’s increasing prices each quarter.

AnnJoy, on the other hand, continues to have abundant global capacity from non-tariff countries and can fill the gap left by domestic suppliers who are narrowing their product range.  We offer competitive pricing on serrated and slit top paper twist bags and can work with the specialty paper of our customers’ choice.

Due to our strong logistics program, we are able to keep our lead times comparable to domestic suppliers.  AnnJoy’s logistics staff maintains longstanding relationships with carriers and bookers worldwide, allowing us options to book shipments with favorable rates and delivery times. Our policy of actively monitoring the progress of each shipment means we can intervene to resolve problems and keep our shipments moving.  We are also CTPAT certified, which gives our shipments speedier and less costly clearance through the U.S. Customs process.

At AnnJoy, our promise is to provide quality packaging that meets customer requirements, on time and on budget.  As you search for a trusted source of supply, you can count on us to get the job done right!

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