AnnJoy Urges Customers to Place 2021 Orders Early –

The past 12 months have seen a level of volatility, bordering on chaos, in the supply chain that most of us have not witnessed during our working lifetimes. Local, national and global shipping rates are soaring, ocean bookings are no longer guaranteed – even finding a trucker can be a serious challenge.

This new insecurity in our basic supply chain requires deliberate change in areas of our business that have historically been stable.  Suppliers and purchasers must work together to extend lead times, make purchasing commitments earlier, and speak honestly to one another about the challenges we face in getting each shipment from the factory door to final consumer.



AnnJoy is fortunate to have a world-class logistics staff that keeps careful watch over the status of each of our shipments during this difficult time. Our established relationships with carriers and bookers around the globe give us options to book shipments with favorable rates and delivery times. We are also proud to be a C-TPAT certified importer, which allows our shipments speedier and less costly clearance through what can be an uncertain U.S. Customs process.

Our team goes above and beyond and has a great track record ensuring our customers get the product they need, when they need it. Nonetheless, these are extraordinary times. We urge our customers to place 2021 orders as early as possible.

To discuss the optimal timing of your 2021 orders, or to learn more about AnnJoy’s strong logistics program, please fill out the contact form on our website, or reach out to Andrew Finkel at