In the era of social distancing and online ordering, you might never meet customers face-to-face, so making an impression can be difficult. Are you doing everything you can to help your brand make an impact? Branding can take the form of a website, the product itself, via the product’s packaging (often overlooked), or that last minute “something special.” 

A personal touch goes a long way in securing consumer trust. Many customers prefer to buy from a company perceived as caring about their shopping experience. Shoppers who feel valued are more inclined to make a repeat purchase. Often, the packaging is the first thing customers see of a product, so it’s optimal for relaying your brand message and easy to personalize! 

Personal touches can make all the difference, so let’s take a look at what you can do –both online and in-store–to go above and beyond that’ll leave a lasting impression upon your customer. Here are a few thoughtful extras that you can include in your packaging:

  • A Thank You Note 
  • Environmentally Responsible Packing Materials
  • Complementary Branded Products (stickers, pens, notepads, etc.)

If your packaging needs aren’t being met, AnnJoy Imports offers a range of custom and reduced-footprint options to suit every business. We take the stress out of the process so you’ll have more time to connect with your valued customers. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Michael at