Why do consumers choose one product over another? Sometimes the proof is in the packaging. A study conducted by IPSOS shows that 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision. Here are three reasons why you should consider packaging in your marketing mix. 


  1. It’s Branding  

Packaging is often the first interaction that shoppers have with a product. It is tactile and personal. It showcases a brand and presents its unique identity. When done correctly, it tells a story, sets the tone, and provides a tangible experience for consumers. Overall, packaging plays a pivotal role in the product’s branding process, attracting and providing customers with what they’re looking for when they take the product home.


  1. It’s Experiential  

Why are those “unboxing” videos so popular on YouTube? Because the act of uncovering something elicits an emotional response. The more emotionally invested your customers are in your brand’s experience, the more brand loyalty you engender. Investing in quality materials and sturdy construction elevates the user experience and increases the likelihood of your branded materials being remembered, reused, and advertised.  


  1. It’s Cost-Effective Advertising 

Packaging is a useful marketing tool because it turns customers into walking advertisements for your business. The right custom packaging can create a positive impression on your customers and reinforce the quality service and products your company provides at a fraction of the cost of high-level marketing campaigns. Attractive and well-designed packaging motivates your customers to recommend your product or business, inspires purchases, promotes customer loyalty, fosters brand recognition, and serves as a relatively low-cost advertisement for future business.


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