Brands today are challenged to procure e-commerce packaging that reduces their carbon footprint in a brand-centric manner while also providing secure transit. AnnJoy Imports can build carbon reducing e-commerce packaging that reinforces brand image while providing the required security. We work closely with companies to weigh their impact on the environment while balancing three major concerns: environmental impact, community expectation, and financial growth. 


The goal of sustainability is to save more resources than are being used. Sustainability should

be a mission statement, not just a goal, because it is ever evolving. In keeping with current best  practices, we work with companies to layer organizational preference into consumer expectation. We want to work with your organization to build a program that creates less impact from conception to recycling.

Community (Consumer Expectation)

With environmental concerns taken into account, packaging also needs to meet

consumer’s expectations in the following categories:

  1. The WOW Factor:
  • What is the immediate impression of the brand?
    • i. Did it arrive safely?
    • ii. Is it in good condition?
  • What impression is left behind?
  • Did you exceed the consumer’s expectation?
  • What message did your packaging reinforce?
  1. Post Delivery:
  • Is this packaging easy to recycle?
  • Number of pieces to clean up?
  • Is there mixed materials, poly, paper foam?
  1. Customer Endorsement:
  • We all want our customers to brag about us – are you achieving “bragging” status?

Successful packaging means the consumer did not have to struggle through your packaging, but was made to feel as if a personal shopper made the delivery. If successful, recycling and/or reusing should be an easy choice! 


Flexibility is key when you create marketing promotions. Yes, your brand needs to

stay front and center, but it must also be environmentally conscious. Being environmentally conscious also has economic benefits. Distributors and clients alike should seek to save costs in the distribution and merchandising of goods with efficient packing and shipping methods.

 Financial Growth 

Let us help you create your “brand-centric & carbon-reducing” program today. Many companies are voluntarily looking to reduce the environmental impact of their products’ packaging by reducing the use of materials, increasing the use of recycled content, and using recyclable materials in packaging so that items going into landfills are reduced. AnnJoy Imports has many sustainable options that help to reduce the environmental, as well as the economic, impact of packaging.

If you’re interested in learning more about packaging materials available, is a great reference site that offers a non-biased and data-centric guide so that you can make an informed decision.

Give us a call at 617-970-3756, or send an email to to discuss how AnnJoy Imports can help meet your specific needs.