Developing a powerful and effective packaging solution for a product means taking numerous factors into account. These include the intended target audience, overall brand message, features of the product to highlight, and many more. Additional challenges arise ensuring a packaging line containing multiple SKUs has a lasting brand impact on your consumers.

According to a survey by LEK Consulting, “A full 90% of brand owners say that packaging is critical to their brand’s success…they plan to launch 15%+ more SKUs in 2020 vs. 2018.” Whether you are selling products through wholesale or retail channels, chances are your brand needs to make a lasting impression. SKU rationalization can assist in developing impactful packaging programs for e-commerce, as well as brick and mortar locations like retail and food service. Our partnership can help you identify where you can save costs while increasing your brand’s impact on the consumer. 

Having an efficient and powerful branding message on your most import SKUs is integral to successful retailers, e-commerce, brick and mortar, and food service companies. This approach to SKUs allows your organization to reduce carrying costs, increase flexibility with branding campaigns, and reduce slow-moving inventory.  Here are five easy suggestions for getting and keeping your SKUs positioned to support your overall branding campaigns for a higher ROI:

  • Look for existing packaging options
  • Consolidate similar or duplicate SKUs
  • Stop over-packaging
  • Perform routine audits
  • Use a management platform

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