Paper is an integral part of society. It packages goods, it’s the vehicle for important documents, it wraps our food, it prints our trade publications, and it holds our merchandise. Industry experts have recently predicted that the cost of paper will increase due to increased demand on the global supply chain. How did this happen and what does an increase in paper demand mean for you and your business? 

Contributing factors to increased paper usage are wide-ranging and directly related to the surging demand for paper pulp used in products like hygiene and tissue goods. In addition, the global anti-plastic movement has manufacturers seeking paper-based alternatives for their packaging needs. 

Despite consumer preference for digital media over paper media, demand for paper began outstripping supply last year in the US due to e-commerce. The need for shipping specific packaging (such as cardboard, packing materials, and boxes) has grown by 2 percent year over year for the last three years, with no comparable increase in supply and few plans for investing in more production. 

To mitigate the effects the paper demand may have on your business, we suggest buying your packaging early and in bulk to decrease the likelihood of running out. AnnJoy Imports’ excellent freight relationships and production facilities overseas give us and our clients the edge over the competition. Our dedicated sourcing team in both Asia and North America is dedicated to finding the newest and most advanced sustainable products in the market at the best price to keep your costs low. 

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