When it’s time to make packaging choices, there are a lot of considerations in the areas of cost, usability, branding, and sustainability. With many states and cities now banning the use of plastic, sustainability is quickly becoming the most important factor when choosing packaging. For example, Pier 1 Imports recently announced its intention to close nearly half of its retail locations. However, the company is still investing in sustainable paper shopping bags because it understands the value of providing eco-friendly and sustainable packaging to the modern consumer.

Facts About the Plastic Bag Ban:
● In 2015 the United States produced over 4 million tons of plastic bags and only about 350,000 tons of those were recycled.
● By 2050–only 31 short years from now–there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans if we keep using plastic bags at our current rate.
● California passed Proposition 67 in 2018, banning single-use plastic bags and saw a 72 percent decrease in bag waste.
● Many cities and states have enacted a complete plastic bag ban while others have placed recycling conditions and fees on single-use bags.
● State lawmakers have introduced at least 95 bills in 2019 related to plastic bags. Most of these bills would ban or place a fee on plastic bags.
● Retailers can offer reusable bags or recyclable paper bags with handles for a nominal fee.

Actions You Can Take:
1. Use recycled materials
2. Consider adopting more sustainable processes
3. Make your packaging recyclable
4. Make your packaging compostable
5. Make your packaging reusable


It’s a good idea to work with a company that understands green solutions and will work with you to deliver the best packaging for your business, product, brand, and planet. We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly and sustainable options. Give us a call today!