CTPAT is a voluntary program designed and implemented by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collaborate with the trade community with the specific goal of strengthening the global supply chain against terrorist attacks. To become a certified member of this community, AnnJoy had to meet the minimum-security standards defined for our sector as an importer. Today, over 10,000 members are taking advantage of the benefits along the international supply chain.

The American CTPAT Certification is ​mutually recognized in 11 foreign programs​ around the world, including the Partners in Protection Program (PIP) in Canada and Authorized Economic Operator Program (AEO) in the EU.

AnnJoy conducts a security risk assessment of our manufacturers and logistic providers and verifies that all parties fulfill their supply chain security responsibilities before we establish partnerships.

Our company has been a member of the growing CTPAT community since 2015. We are a small company that accepts the responsibility for our role in the safety of our trade community. There are countless added benefits available to certified CTPAT members, aside from the pride of knowing you are trusted trade partners with U.S. Customs. The U.S. Customs recognizes our effort and due diligence that goes into making sure that the partners we trade with are reputable entities that have the same commitment as we do to prevent or compromise and disrupt trade on a global level.

As a CTPAT member, AnnJoy has enjoyed the benefits of having our cargo fast track through the system and avoid potentially lengthy and costly customs exams at border crossing. Customs Border Patrol will place CTPAT members in a preferential status when the customs officials are working on any customs issues.
We are also able to secure consultation with the Port Director should the need arise. All these benefits are extended to our clients–which can extremely beneficial–especially in the busy holiday season when ports are congested.

On average, an intensive exam at the port for a Non-CTPAT member can cost upwards of $1,000 per container. Forget having multiple containers on the same bill because you will have to wait for one to be examined before you can pull any, which is a primary reason that there is so much storage at the port.
We have done the research and due diligence on your behalf as a certified CTPAT member of this growing global community. You can trust AnnJoy to secure your supply chain and deliver to your customers without delay or compromise.