Why You Should Invest in Custom Shopping Bags this Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us. People are rushing from store to store, checking items off their gift lists as retailers everywhere vie for consumer’s attention in a crowded and competitive industry. How does one stand out? Large scale and multi-channel marketing work on a high-level for companies with dedicated ad spend, but a deceptively small thing–like having a really great shopping bag–is accessible and effective for companies of all sizes.

If you’re a business owner, you likely put a lot of energy into keeping current customers happy, incentivizing them to become repeat customers, and motivating them to recommend your business or product to their social circles. One relatively simple way to achieve each of these goals is by investing in custom shopping bags. Shopping bags are an effective marketing tool because they solve a problem for your customers (a way to carry purchased items) and they turn those customers into walking advertisements for your business. Think about how crowded malls and shopping centers are during this time of year–each person there has the potential to see your shopping bag, and in turn, discover your business.

Despite struggling in recent years, JC Penney saw the reach and advertising potential of custom shopping bags and decided to invest with AnnJoy Imports as their supplier. JC Penney understood the value of this “earned media” during the busy holiday shopping season, as the new shopping bag has the potential to be seen by thousands of holiday shoppers at the mall. The right custom shopping bags can create a positive impression on your customers and reinforce the quality service and products your business provides at a fraction of the cost of high-level marketing campaigns. This motivates your customers to recommend your product or business, inspires purchases, promotes customer loyalty, and fosters brand recognition. In the highly-competitive holiday shopping season, having a well-designed and well-constructed shopping bag shows your customers that you care about their experience– an important first step to building brand loyalty!

If you have decided that custom-printed shopping bags are a must-have for your company, AnnJoy Imports is here to help. We can bring our decades of experience to help you create an effective design and purchase the quantities of bags you need to fit within your budget. Give us a call at 617-970-3756 today!