It looks like a bag. Feels like a bag. Carries things like a bag. But it’s so much more than just a handy way to carry home a purchase.  For the retailer, that bag is a walking ad campaign. Color, messaging, logo and typeface, materials, weight, handles…every detail says something about your company. To create a bag that says all the right things, it pays to put your business in expert hands.


Creative and Collaborative

Should your logo be cherry red and “pop” against a purple background? Or should it be a more sophisticated silver on black? Handles or no handles? Heavy or lightweight stock? The experts at AnnJoy can help your Marketing and Creative teams make those important decisions. Collaboration between our team and yours ensures that we’re all on the same page. No surprises. (Except the good ones; “Wow, I never imagined it would look this amazing!”) To make sure no one drops the ball (or the bag), our Quality Control Team follows your packaging through the entire process – from initial design to final printing.


Destined for Success

Hot off the press, your package is ready to go. How do we get it to you? Piece-of-cake. Our Global Supply Chain Team gets freight to its destination on a timely, cost-efficient basis, thanks in part to our C-TPAT Certification — now required by an increasing number of retailers.


Building an image in the marketplace always requires multiple marketing channels and that includes something as utilitarian as a shopping bag. Let AnnJoy Imports help you create bags that build brand awareness wherever they go. Contact us at 617-970-3756 or Email: