A Smart Approach

They’re called “smartphones,” but how smart are they? That depends entirely on what you want your iPhone to do for you.

When it comes to dictating a text, for example, your smartphone is no genius. Imagine this – your boss texts you a question, “Did you email the client?” You dictate back, “No, I didn’t”, but your smarty-pants phone hears (and sends!) “No, idiot!” Oops.

Don’t get me wrong. In other areas, your smart phone is, frankly, brilliant! The way it maps out the shortest route for you, the way it keeps you connected with breaking news, and the way it reads a QR code is nothing short of amazing.

Fast Lane to Sales

For retailers, speed-reading smartphones are a fast lane to new business. Customers on the go simply point and swipe, and amazing things happen. Coupons appear. Promotions. Exclusive Offers. Free Gifts.  Early Access to Sales. Discounts. Free Shipping. The appeal of the deal is irresistible, and the stats prove it.

In 2017, 1 billion QR code coupons were redeemed. By 2022, that number is expected to increase to 5.3 billion. Who doesn’t love coupons! In fact, 54 percent of adults in high-income households are even willing to switch brands for the sake of using a coupon. Impulse buys are a breeze with a QR code. Data shows that 83 percent of shoppers make an unplanned purchase when motivated by a promotion or coupon. And during retail’s do-or-die season, 73 percent of holiday purchases are influenced by coupons or promotions. As online shopping continues to give brick and mortar a run for its money, it’s important to give your customers easy ways to access your products.

A Little Self Promotion 

iPhones, QR codes…what’s it all have to do with AnnJoy? A lot. We’re already known for the high-quality bags we design for top of the line retailers. Now we’re leaving our mark on boxes – with QR codes that will drive sales. We’ve just produced a box for one of our top clients with a prominent QR code that will lead customers to a wealth of special offers and enticing promotions. In turn, the retailer can track the customer’s shopping interests and buying habits. It’s a win-win.

A Lot of Return on Investment

At AnnJoy, we’re excited about this new direction for our company. We’re all about creating brand visibility for our clients and QR codes take it one step further by actually motivating future sales… and we’re not taking distant-future! Studies show that 82 percent of consumers with digital coupons redeem the offer in one week after they receive it, and 30 percent apply it in less than 24 hours. Talk about immediate gratification – for customers, and for you.

If you want a greater return on your packaging investment, think about incorporating a QR code into your next design. Just a few “lines” can give you a direct line to new business.