EXPERIENTIAL SHOPPING                                                                                                                                 

In the digital age where everything can be purchased online, brick and mortar stores have to work harder to attract customers. The days of “touch, feel and try” buying is increasingly being replaced by “make your best guess” shopping. As you scroll through one-dimensional product photos on your laptop, you’re left to ponder the true size, color and quality of that online item. If only you could try it! Fortunately, you still can. And that’s where the in-store experience beats online – the experience itself.

THE BAG CARRIES A LOT OF WEIGHT                                                                                                                                      

Sure, the convenience of online buying has advantages, but so does experiential shopping – like sitting at the makeup counter with a color specialist who’ll let you try every lipstick and foundation until you find the perfect shade. Customers still relish retailers who cater to them in a personal, interactive way. And part of the personal attention has to do with the bag itself – watching the salesperson at the makeup counter carefully wrap your purchase in pretty, colored tissue and put it in a bag boasting the name and logo of that extravagant, top of the line brand you’ll be proud to parade around the mall.


In contrast, when an online purchase arrives, it’s in a boring cardboard mailing package that can’t convey any of the emotional appeal of the product inside, or the buying experience itself.  The sexy “little black dress” arrives in much the same mailing package as a pair of hiking boots. The generic brown package does nothing to create brand experience.

THE BRAND BUILDING EXPERIENCE                                                                                                                                   

AnnJoy Imports understands the experiential part of their product. For the customer, a high quality, well-designed bag is the icing on the cake of a pleasurable purchase experience. Stuffing an unfolded item into a cheap looking bag does nothing for the customer’s ego or the brand’s image.  On the other hand, an outstanding bag becomes a walking advertisement for the brand and the buyer’s good taste. Everyone’s happy.

If your brand could use a little shameless self-promotion, AnnJoy Imports’ designers can help you create a bag that gets noticed. Their packaging specialists will help you with the important elements of shape, color, typeface, paper weight, handles or no handles, bag or box…all the particulars that will make your brand a stand-out. For more information, contact (724)-719-4963.or email: taraniesslein@annjoyimports.com