In an era of environmental consciousness and reusability, the idea of throwaway bags is, well, gauche. So, what’s a responsible retailer to do? Create bags that are too beautiful to throw away. Too sturdy to be single use. And so attractively branded they become almost a fashion accessory. Think of that GAP bag we fill with gear to take to the gym. The Bloomingdale’s bag filled with etcetera we tote to lunch with the girls. The L.L. Bean bag we pack for the park filled with junior’s extra diapers, the Cheerios and Sippy-Cup. Today’s bags are designed to go places!

Portable, durable, re-usable — yes. But high-quality bags are much more than just multi-purpose. They’re walking billboards for the brands they represent – broadcasting boldly not only for the retailer, but for the “look where I shop” end-user. Some re-users simply want the world to know they shop at Talbot’s. Others like the way that cute little bag telegraphs the fact that they’re still young enough to shop at Forever 21. The bag, previously used as a mere “transport vehicle” has become a brand-builder, a status-symbol, a fashion statement. Needless to say, for your bags to be treated with that kind of respect and reverence, they have to as be something special. From the weight and texture of the paper you choose to the design itself, from the handles and closures to the colors and typeface, every detail says something about the brand. And no one knows that better than AnnJoy Imports.

We’ve been designing and producing bags for many of the prestigious retailers for years. We understand the image-building power of a top-quality bag and the importance of custom solutions to convey the specific personality of the brand. Are you a red-white-and blue, Made-In-America brand? Are you a straight off the runway must-have for the savvy fashionista? Are you a no-frills, pack the backpack and grab the kayaks kind of product? Whatever you want the world to know and think about you, you can communicate on your bags. Who could have predicted that someday what’s on the bag would become as important as what’s in it? We did.

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