Everyone knows the expression, “It’s in the bag”, meaning “it’s a sure thing”. But have you ever heard anyone say, “it’s in the box”? Nope. The term just hasn’t caught on! However, if you’re in the business of providing your products to customers in well-designed boxes, what’s “in the box” is what it’s all about. And what’s on the box is just as important. The way your products are packaged says a lot about your brand and even the box needs to reflect the “personality” of what’s inside.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re designing your box. What’s printed on the outside? What the quality, clarity and texture of the printing? How will you protect your packing from counterfeiting? How will the box be sealed for shipment, or resealed for returns? And in today’s environmentally conscious market, what materials are being used? They’d better be recyclable because consumers are paying attention. And on that note, how do you create a box that gets attention…that’s engaging and memorable? That’s a lot to consider, right? Not to worry. With a fantastic new domestic box partner, AnnJoy Imports has your packaging solutions (pun intended) in the bag!



Automation significantly reduces packing time and labor costs. We achieve that by printing a SKU on each box. This allows a conveyer system to read the SKU and fill boxes much faster than a person could. Instead of having 100 work stations at a Distribution Center, the job gets done more efficiently.



Printing quality, clarity and texture need to positively stand-out if you want to create a positive customer experience. Imagine, for example, being able to feel the threads of a baseball image printed on a box? Our printing capabilities are that good!

For theft reasons, many shipping boxes are not printed on the outside. Do we really want to advertise that “This Box Contains a Gucci Handbag”? Probably not a good idea. Of course, if exterior printing is desired, AnnJoy Imports and our new domestic box partner can provide exactly what you need. On the other hand, if choose to avoid exterior printing, our interior print capabilities are equally impressive.



The way a box gets sealed and resealed is a huge part of customer experience. A box can be great looking, but if it’s not easy to fill, easy to seal, easy to open, and easy to reseal if a return is necessary, you’ve missed the mark.  To make every box work for the brand it will represent, we offer individualized packaging solutions – one-to-one customization, geolocation, metadata for customer insights and anti-counterfeiting strategies such as digital watermarks and patented secure marks from HP Inc.  Multiple closures are available for unique ideas such as handles that can be added to make a box also function as a bag.



High quality, domestic boxes make less of an environmental impact because they aren’t shipping from overseas. We’re able to use full recycled materials, and we know that matters. To us. To you. And to the environment. We’re excited that our new box partner is right here in the U.S.

For packaging solutions that create a unique identity for every client; offer function, cost efficiencies and a memorable customer experience, AnnJoy Imports always thinks outside the box. For more information 724-719-4963 or fill out the form below.