The Color Police: Its Got to be Green

Retailers deliberate long and hard about the color of their packaging. Everyone wants a color that reflects the essence of the brand and wows end-users. Cherry red. Hot pink. Sky blue. But now, everything has to be green. Don’t panic. That’s green…as in sustainable. And we’re all for that, but here’s the problem. Every state has their own legislation regarding recyclable material requirements, and laws are in a constant state of flux. Some states ban plastic bags altogether, others impose fees. In states like Maine, retailers are not allowed to supply plastic bags unless a receptacle for recycling is at the storefront. Arizona, on the other hand, doesn’t want to be told what to do. Their laws prevent city or towns from regulating plastic bag use or disposition at all.

Think Fast

Retailers need a packaging partner who can stay on top of changes in legislation and can swiftly respond with solutions that meet necessary standards. With major brands relying on us, AnnJoy Imports not only works to meet diverse legislative sustainability requirements, our dedicated sourcing team in Asia and North America proactively seeks new products that offer more advanced sustainability.

One Size Doesn’t fit all

Most companies manufacture their reusable bag in only one size. That’s like squeezing someone who wears a size 12 into a size 0. It’s not pretty. For the 2017 holiday season, AnnJoy Imports manufactured a wide range of sizes and designs to meet diverse client needs and state regulations – with a constant eye to affordability. For example, AnnJoy Imports is currently quoting for reusable bags – often priced the same as current paper bags.

What to do Next

Sounds like something you should consider? The team at AnnJoy Imports looks forward to connecting with you. For more information about sustainability solutions and exciting new opportunities to get your brand out there, call us at 724-719-4963 or fill out the form below.